Fall Tournament – OctoberFIST 2014!

Fall Tournament is coming! We’ll be joining forces with our sister school, Keizer Martial Arts and 4 other great schools: Stayton Self Defense, Lincoln City Self Defense, Open Hand Kempo of McMinnville, and Open Hand Kempo of Hillsboro to bring you OctoberFIST 2014!!!

This family-friendly, light-hearted competition is a fantastic way for students to showcase their talent and hard work! Students who participate not only become more knowledgeable and skilled at the techniques they present, they also get an extra boost of confidence and sense of accomplishment from knowing they did something challenging and a little bit scary!

We invite all of our students to participate…OctoberFIST 2014 is open to all students-all ranks-all ages!
Event details will be posted here and on our Facebook site, but if you have questions, please give us a call at 503-873-4555 for more info!

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